The 10th Anniversary Case

10th Anniversary Case, May 2024 (1)
10th Anniversary Case 2, May 2024 (1)

The 10th Anniversary Case


Enjoy a range of some of the finest wines from Hundred Hills. Beautifully presented and each distinct from one another, this selection showcases the variety delivered across differing parcels at Hundred Hills, across two very different vintages.

2017 Preamble No. 1 × 2

2017 Preamble No. 2 × 2

2018 Preamble Rose × 2


What's Included
Preamble No.2 Bottle

2019 Preamble No.2

1 x 2019 Preamble No.2

The third vintage of our late harvested Preamble wine continues on the theme of crystalline purity, capturing the essence of the growing season in the glass. The long, cool 2019 vintage brings a lighter palate, a core of zingy freshness showing as ripe lime zest and curiously passionfruit appearing for the first time.

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2019 Blanc de Blancs Bottle

2019 Blanc de Blancs

1 x 2019 Blanc de Blancs

Intense layers of ripe lemon zest, limes and yuzu fill the palate balanced by a sea spray minerality and nutty, umami finish. This wine has tremendous potential to age over the coming decades.

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Zero Dosage Bottle

2018 Zero Dosage

1 x 2018 Zero Dosage

Fine boned and crystalline on the palate. Notes of white peaches and apricots, ripe red apple skins and raspberries, with a salinity and touches of baking spices on the long finish.

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Illustration No.1 Bottle

2018 Illustration No.1

1 x 2018 Illustration No.1

Fine boned and crystalline on the palate, ripe lemon zest but revealing a juiciness to the orchard and stone fruits, a caramelised aroma to the pastry notes, and reminiscent of a fresh apple pie, with mace and baking spice lingering in the mouth.

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Hillside Bottle

2019 Hillside No.3

1 x 2019 Hillside No.3

Biscuity shortbread aromas lead into layers of yellow fruit on the nose, from ripe citrus to yellow apple, Mirabelle plum and pineapple. A rich creamy palate reminds you of the perfect lemon tart.

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Signature Rose Bottle

2018 Signature Rosé

1 x 2018 Signature Rosé

A luxuriant array of ripe fraises de bois, raspberries and hibiscus from the warm and generous 2018 vintage. Pristine red fruit notes fill the palate and stay with you long after the glass is finished.

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