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Immerse yourself for a moment in the beautiful vineyards, the award winning winery, and world of vintage  sparkling wines

Visit Hundred Hills

Our cellar door shop is now open for wine sales offering a full range of our wines including magnums and exclusive releases not available elsewhere.

Our Hundred Club Membership allows members to arrange a private visit to our-state-of-the-art winery. The visit will begin a guided tour of the pristine vineyards, nestled between ancient woodland, in the heart of the beautiful Stonor Valley.

In the winery, between the oak casks and burnished steel, you can discover how centuries of winemaking wisdom, combined with the latest scientific advances, come together to help craft the precise, pristine and markedly English sparkling wines of Hundred Hills.

In our timber framed dining room, overlooking the winery floor, you will have the opportunity to taste the current Hundred Hills releases.

For membership enquiries please contact Rupert at

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A New Era of World Class
Single Estate Sparkling Wines
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All of our wines carry a freshness, intensity and vivacity that is the signature of our vineyards, yet each wine has its own style and personality from bright and exuberant rosés, to the rich and decadent 2018 Preamble and our Blanc de Blancs, which is the epitome of elegance.  

Contact us or see our Membership page for more information, or click on the short video below.

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“We hope people who spend time with us will feel a part of the passing rhythms of the seasons and experience the calm and beauty at the heart of the English countryside.”