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Tasting Experience 

Hundred Hills is is delighted to offer a new way to come and see us with a personal guided tour of the vineyards and winery, curated tasting and light buffet lunch for six guests, overlooking the casks and vines.



11:00am – Once everyone has gathered we’ll take a walk around the beautiful vineyards, nestled in the ancient woods of the Stonor valley.

11:45am – In the winery, between the presses, burnished steel and oak casks, we’ll show you how we craft the precise and distinctive wines of Hundred Hills.

12:15pm – In our timber framed dining room, you will have the opportunity to taste a range of the current Hundred Hills releases. All of our wines exhibit a crystalline finesse that is the signature of our terroir and winemaking.

12:45pm – Enjoy a light buffet lunch created using local, seasonal produce accompanied by a range of Hundred Hills wines, all laid out in our picturesque tasting room overlooking the slopes of the vineyard.

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If you would like more details about booking a tasting experience here at Hundred Hills then please contact Amy Duckett on 07503595554 or at


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All the latest from Hundred Hills

All the latest from Hundred Hills

Autumn 2023 Newsletter

Plenty of sunshine and plenty of showers, it’s been busy. Fears of frost proved groundless and the hottest June yet was perfect for a quick and robust flowering which peaked around the 25th. Vine flowers self-pollinate, eventually evolving into grape bunches and the conditions at ‘fruit-set’ influence not only the quality of the present vintage but also set the scene for 2024. This vintage was a textbook ‘fruit-set’. The team immediately began thinning out the canopy around the fruiting zone to naturally restrain mildews…

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